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Ceramic Birdhouse and Feeder Gift Set

Handmade birdhouse with matching feeder is bird-approved, makes an awesome backyard bird gift for anyone on your list!

In 4 vibrant designs, pottery birdhouse & bird feeder entices smaller songbirds to your garden. Ideal for bluebirds, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, wrens and others.

Fly-thru bird feeder accommodates seed, suet, shelled peanuts, meal worms and more. Best to add some distance between birdhouse and feeder so as not to attract predators near active nests.

Handmade in Spain from fine clay, finished with rope hanger long enough to knot or loop as desired.

Unique birdhouse & bird feeder gift set will be the envy of backyard songbirds, functional and long-lasting garden gift for all occasions... and for your birds too!

Use drop-down menu for color choice.

House and Feeder Measure 8.5" tall x 6" diameter
Item Weight 2.8 lb/Set
Materials: Clay/Pottery, Jute