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Complete Bird Feeding Station with Feeders

Premium Bird Feeding Station is complete with all feeders and ready for the ultimate dining experience!

Ideal for the beginner through novice backyard birder, complete feeder kit offers fantastic variety in a small space with lots of options for maximum birdie action.

Durable powder-coat steel with screw together pieces include decorative finial with 4-way feeder arms. Water dish and mesh tray attach easily for offering birds fresh water and even more dining choices.

Bird feeders included accommodate shelled peanuts, seed mix, thistle and suet. Use the curved pin feeder for suet balls, fruit or nesting materials in spring. Mesh tray also offers meal worms, fruit, jelly in a small cup, or just about anything you'd like to offer feathered friends!

Versatile and complete feeding station allows you to change up treats with seasons, enticing migratory birds with fruit and jelly in summer and a virtual smorgasbord year-round.

Mounts in-ground with 16" below grade for stability. Capacity 2 lb. per hook.  Baffle is recommended to keep squirrels at bay.

Premium Bird Feeding Station is an excellent gift idea to get someone hooked on birds!

Measures 24"L x 24"W x 90.25"H overall, 1" O.D. pole.
Item Weight 10.0 lb.
Material: Steel, Metal, Plastic
Assembly required.
Food not included.