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Butterfly Biome Habitat

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Feed and shelter butterflies with a cool Butterfly Biome!

For year round use, the Biome encourages pollinators by offering habitat for overwintering butterflies and other beneficial garden insects. Lady bugs, lacewings and bees may you take you up on these cozy digs for winter! Place some dried grass, moss or straw inside the house and raise the door for an ideal cold weather habitat.

In spring through summer (and fall migration), offer nectar (sugar water) and some over-ripe fruit to entice butterflies. Place the Biome in a sunny spot near nectar-producing flowers or host plants.

Feeding dishes are removable for quick cleaning, with metal loop hanger on back for easy installation.

Complete with Butterfly Tips Brochure for turning your habitat into a haven! Includes identification, nectar and host plant suggestions, and DIY stone puddler instructions to further entice the winged wonders!

Measures 10" x 7" x 5"
Item Weight 1.5 lb.
Material: Wood, Metal, Plastic