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Copper Spiral Thistle Feeder 17-inch

Innovative Spiral Feeder sans traditional perches, a snap to fill and clean with great features!

Finches will flock to spiral feeders, they have more feeding ports so no more waiting around. Birds naturally run the spiral moving to different feeding spots, allows more friends to join the party!

Fill this feeder from both top and bottom - so thistle never gets old or moldy. Simple to fill and clean, bottom comes off completely, sturdy looped wire hanger, 1.5 lb. capacity.

Features include:
• Aluminum and stainless steel parts
• Locking lid to keep squirrels out
• Easy twist and clean totally removable bottom
• Lifetime warranty on workmanship

Measures 18" tall (without hanger) x 5.25" diameter
Item Weight 2.5 lb.
Material: Metal, Acrylic