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Detourant Ant Moat for Hummingbird Feeders

Clever moat, clever name... Detour - Ant

The Detourant works differently by slowing or even eliminating evaporation. Wind causing spillage, and generally dry, hot days of summer contribute to emptying ant moats quickly. Without water, they're useless and sugar ants will prevail.

Sans any chemicals, water remains inside the moat longer via inner reservoir. Turn upside down to fill, slowly turn upright and hang. Feeder attaches to bottom ring of Detourant with enclosed s-hook. May be emptied in the same fashion for winter storage.

Ant Moats are also ideal for oriole and butterfly nectar, and fruit & jelly feeders too. Save the goods for birds... not ants!

Easy instructions and s-hook included
Measures 4x4