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Garden Pole Set-2 Hangers, Baffle and Ground Auger

Double Arm Garden Pole has everything needed to hang two feeders, bird baths or flowers... and stymie squirrels!

Black powder coat 16-gauge heavy steel lasts a lifetime. Full height above ground is 60". Double hanger offers options for variety-a bird bath here will entice lots of new visitors!

20-inch twist-in ground auger keeps this feeder pole sturdy and straight.
Ground socket includes set screw and 1/2-inch turning hole - allows pole to extend 5 feet above ground. Cylinder squirrel baffle measures 14.5" tall and keeps critters at bay! Made in the USA.

Double Arm Garden Pole Set includes: Ground Socket, Squirrel Baffle, 2 Hangers, and 3 Pole Sections. USA Made