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Gilbertson Hanging Bluebird Feeder

Gilbertson hanging bluebird feeder for meal worms is updated in recycled plastic, lets bluebirds dine in peace!

Innovative design (by a bluebird conservationist) keeps starlings, mockingbirds and robins out of worms! Bluebirds love the easy in and out fly-in style that's open on all sides, saves meal worms from larger bully birds. Carolina wrens, chickadees, even orioles are known to use the patio style bluebird bird feeder.

Features 4-sided entry and exit which bluebirds prefer. Easy to fill, one removable rail with locking pin for easy dish access.

Non-porous poly-lumber is easier to clean than wood, resists weather and insect damage. Stainless steel hardware, complete with large eye-hook for quick hanging.

New hanging bluebird feeder keeps live or dried mealworms reserved for your bluebirds!

Use drop-down menu to choose:
Blue & Tan Corners
Brown & Tan Corners

Measures 12.5" x 12.5" x 4"

Item Weight 5.0 lb
Material: Recycled Plastic, Stainless Hardware
Handmade USA

Customer's good Idea:

"Quick update.  Put up the new feeder with that one bar removed to allow easier access.  Put mealworms in dish inside and sprinkled a few worms & seed on top of feeder and around the inside.  Nothing for first 2 hrs, then chickadees & house finches started to explore.  Within about 20 more min bluebirds were feeding on top and a few soon found their way inside where bar was absent.  

They already seem pretty comfortable going in and out thru that larger gap.
My current plan is to leave that bar off for the first day or 2 and then put it in place once the bluebirds have gotten used to things and we've had a chance to see how the local starlings react to the feeder.  We've got a big snowstorm starting tomorrow around superbowl time.
Thanks again for your help."
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    Debbie J.
    United States

    Gilbertson hanging bluebird feeder

    Bluebirds initially couldn’t figure it out however I placed a few live mealworms on the top and middle deck. Also removed the one middle rail for a bit. Other birds have not been able to get in(especially bossy mockingbirds ). Very pleased!

    David G.
    United States United States

    Gilbertson Hanging Bluebird Feeder

    A pair of bluebirds used it the first day I hung it out. The larger birds that steal the mealworms from the bluebirds can no longer enter the feeder. I would recommend this feeder for bluebirds.

    Mike H.
    United States United States

    Gilbertson bluebird feeder well made!

    This feeder is well made with the recycled plastic. I definitely expect it to last years!

    Joan P.
    United States United States

    WOW! Love the Gilbertson Hanging Bluebird feeder.

    It took about ten days to see the smaller birds come to the feeder. I hung it on my deck so I could keep a close watch. I did have a squirrel attempt to get the millie worms but wasn't successful!. Once the bluebirds got the hang of it I see them every day at the feeder. Also, two years ago I bought the bluebird house and for the first time, I have bluebirds that took residence. The "birdhouse chick", is one of my favorite websites for my bird products. I belong to a facebook birdwatch group and will be posting my success with both products.

    United States United States

    Gilbertson was a GENIUS!

    LOVE the open air design and yet the starlings CAN’T get in to gobble up ANY mealworms! It is a total SUCCESS!!! C.G.-Pennsylvania