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Heated Bird Bath with Easy Tilt & Clean

Deck Mount Heated Bird Bird Bath makes cleaning a breeze! Now complete with pole-mount option too.

Attract birds year-round with this innovative heated birdbath. Deck-mounted design brings birds closer for optimal viewing from inside your home. Includes 37" black PVC pole for use in the garden during warmer months if preferred. Wide rim and textured surface aids birds with safe landing and perching. 

Heating element is concealed beneath bath's surface, won't corrode. 70-watt thermostatically controlled heater is built-in, automatic on/off ensures an open water source all winter. 13" power cord stores under birdbath during warmer months. Easy-Tilt mounting hardware makes cleaning a snap!

Keep feathered friends flocking and help them thrive in frigid weather with a quality heated bird bath for many seasons of use. Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Measures 14" diameter x 4" tall (2 inch max. water depth)
Item Weight 7.0 lb.
Material: Plastic, Metal
USA Made