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Honeycomb Mason Modular Bee Habitat

Boost Your Garden's Pollination Power with the Honeycomb Mason Modular Bee Habitat. Mason Bees, renowned for their mud-sealed nests, are indispensable pollinators attracted to a variety of flowering plants, including vegetables, fruit trees, and perennials. Connect these Honey Comb-shaped shelters to form a thriving bee colony. Mount them near a mud source for convenience. For optimal results, position near bee-attracting flora. Replace the fiberboard nesting tubes each spring post-Mason Bee emergence. Enhance your garden's biodiversity and yield by inviting these valuable pollinators. Invest in the Honeycomb Modular Bee Habitat for a flourishing garden ecosystem.

Measures 6.50 (D) x 5.90 (W) x 5.90 (H) inches
ItemWeight 2.10 lbs