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HummViewer Ultimate Feeder Mask

As Seen on Shark Tank!

Already Knocked-Off, Get the Original!

Try the ultimate hummingbird feeding experience up-close- it's simply thrilling to feed and observe hummingbirds from this perspective!

The HummViewer lets you experience spectacular antics of the tiny sprites on a whole new level, you'll catch magical views of acrobatics and hovering as hummingbirds feed right before your eyes. Safe for user and birds, the mask is comfortable and such a hoot to use!

Featured on Denver’s 9News, the segment showcased the HummViewer and how it was created. Revealing the hummingbird feeder in action with sheer joy and fun of the nature experience.

Interactive hummingbird feeder is a neat idea for bar-b-ques, backyard gatherings or cocktails on the deck! The HummViewer will be the hit of the party!

Designed for safety and comfort, the HummViewer mask is thick and sturdy plastic, adjustable head gear is lined with rubber for maximum comfort. Realistic red tubular flowers are easy to fill and hummingbirds remember them!


Unique hummingbird feeder includes:

  • 3 feeder flowers
  • bulb for easy filling of tubes
  • cleaning brush
  • easy directions
  • cloth bag to store the feeder
  • party not included!

New Features: Extremely Cool!
Removable Perch created to enhance your hummingbird viewing
experience by providing a landing spot for hummingbirds to rest while feeding.
Clear Tubes allow you to see hummingbirds' amazing tongues while they feed.