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Nesting Materials with Large Bee Spinner

Large Bee Spinner includes nesting materials your birds love!

Alpaca, moss, natural feathers, cotton hemp & raffia pieces are bagged for you to fill the spinner. The most desirable mix and the finest nesting materials your birds could ask for, even for those who don't use birdhouses.

Fill the bee spinner before spring with nest materials and place outdoors where birds will see them. Decorative bee spinner makes fun garden art during off months, while some resident birds will use the materials in fall to line their roosts.

Refill the spinner each spring with nester refills or make your own mix. Be sure to leave good air flow so materials dry quickly after rain. Alpaca sheds water and dries fast as do feathers.

Refrain from dryer lint or cotton dyed yarns even though these are seen all over the internet. Why?... they're not something birds would find in nature.

Entice new feathered friends to your place and encourage nesting with a fun and functional Bee Spinner for the garden that holds premium nesting materials for backyard birds!

Measures 11" x 6".
Item Weight. 1 lb.
Materials: Metal holder, natural nest materials.