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Lily Pad Hummingbird Bath Cascading Fountain

Sculptural Lily Pad Fountain brings the soothing sound of moving water while enticing hummingbirds for a gentle splash bath!

Iron fountain graces deck, porch or patio with whimsical charm, a unique garden accent for the senses, a favorite bathing spot for hummers too. Recirculating water cascades from spout to gently flow down three lily pads, lets hummingbirds perch safely to bathe.

Sprites love to splash and preen in cascading fountains, and fresh water's a must for their feathers to function properly. A beautiful addition to any setting, the Lily Pad Fountain includes UL listed outdoor adjustable pump.

Fountain comes ready to install, top and base are easily accessible for quick cleaning, 6 ft. cord.

Measures 20" tall x 10.75" diameter

Item Wight 3.8 lb.
Material: Metal