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Looney Bird Wooden Birdhouse

Hand carved and painted, this Looney is totally functional with twist-off base for easy clean out.

1-1/8" entrance is nestled inside the Looney's big beak. Perfect for chickadees, warblers and other small songbirds. Adorable wood birdhouse is here to house your feathered friends with a bit of humor! Complete with eye hook and hemp rope for hanging.

Measures: 11.5" long x 7" tall x 5" deep
Item Weight 1.0 lb
Material: Wood
Handmade Indonesia

Green Products... Good for the environment
Produced from fast growth renewable albesia wood, the paints and finishes used are non-toxic. These unique, functional birdhouse designs come complete with clean outs, a necessity for our avian friends... and packing is always recycled, saving our landfills from unnecessary waste.