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Large Fish Garden Stakes

No pond necessary for Mr. and Mrs. Garden Fish!

Whimsical set of hand-cut steel garden stakes add an element of surprise and fun character to the landscape. Perfect when placed along a walkway, tucked among flowers or even near the pond.

Substantial and whimsical fish pair is from our steel plate collection, crafted by hand plasma torch, then shaped and weld-fabricated over coal fire. Once placed outdoors, these art pieces naturally oxidize to an aged patina finish. Unique garden decor is made to rust gracefully over the years.

Opt to preserve the steel's silver finish by applying a light coat of clear, flat oil-based enamel paint for optimal weather protection before placing outside. Note that polyurethane or other lacquers are not recommended.

Large Fish Couple make an ideal gift for the avid anglers, or the discerning gardener who insists on the most unusual yard art!

Measures 24”t x 16”w x 13”d Mr. Fish 

Measures 24”t x 13.5”w x 13”d Mrs. Fish 
Item Weight 9.0 lb. (set)
Material: Steel
Handmade USA