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Pottery Toad House with Drinker


Give a toad a comfy home... they'll do your garden good!

Ceramic Toad House is functional yard art offering up cozy digs for leaping friends who eat bad bugs. Toads consume aphids and other insects by the dozens, helping to rid the garden of pests naturally. 

When placed in a shaded area, toad houses provide a secure, dark and cool place for protection from predators and hot sun. Floor-less design allows salamanders, frogs and toads to burrow into soft, cool earth.

Decorative river stone frog tops the abode, while Drinker Dish offers amphibians a small pool to sip or soak. Unique Toad House provides the perfect habitat with charm and style.

Hand Made in Honduras
Measures 9" x 5.75 x 5.75
Item Weight 2.5 lb.

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