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Recycled Shelled Peanut Feeder

$ 29.00

Calling all Clingers!

Shelled Peanut Feeder is made from recycled plastic and milk jugs, will never crack, split or fade. Roof opens to fill with peanuts or sunflower seed, easy to clean too. 

Attracts a bevy of birds; Woodpeckers, Jays, Nuthatches, Chickadees, Goldfinches, Cardinals, Pine Siskins, Titmice and others.

Fun Peanut Feeder features durable construction with vinyl coated long cable and natural taupe color, lifetime guarantee, holds about 1 quart.

Attractive and innovative feeder by BirdsChoice.
Measures: 6" long x 4" wide x 7" tall (without hanger)