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Recycled Tire Hanging Platform Feeder

Keeping tires out of landfills for sturdy bird feeding. Within minutes of hanging the large platform feeder... birds will flock to check it out!

Durable tire is transformed and re-purposed for the birds. Cut to flower shape and painted sunny yellow, it features strong vinyl pet-safe screen that holds up to dog's claws.

Simple to clean with brush and garden hose, perfect drainage allows for seed, suet & nuggets, peanuts or fruit... just about anything you'd like to offer feathered friends. Lets you change up treats with seasons to see who visits!

Generous feeding area allows lots of birds to dine together, big enough for a dish of meal worms too. Unique Tray Bird Feeder is complete with large S-hook for easy placement.

Measures 19-22" diameter x 12" tall hanging chain.

Item Weight 3.9 lb.
Material: Rubber, Metal, Plastic Screen
Handmade USA