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Recycled Western Bluebird House-NABS Approved

Going Green Recycled Western Bluebird House

Recycle Bluebird House has a slightly larger chamber and entrance hole than an eastern bluebird house. Ideal for the vivid Western and Mountain Bluebirds, this pretty bird house is made from over 90% recycled plastic.

Eco-friendly and designed for easy maintenance and monitoring. Recycled Western Bluebird House has a 1-9/16" entrance, and is ideal for Mountain and Western Bluebirds, will also accommodate Eastern Bluebirds as well.

Front panel opens for monitoring and clean-out. Sturdy Recycled Western Bluebird House is built to last a lifetime.

Measures 12.5" tall x 8.5" wide x 7" deep
Item Weight 4.25 lb.
Material: Recycled Plastic
USA Made