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Saw-whet and Screech Owl House

For Screech and Saw-whet owls, here's an ideal box for both nesting and roosting!

Handcrafted of Eastern white pine, it
offers elbow room for mom and babies. Locking side clean-out, predator guard, and proper ventilation & drainage make it highly attractive to Eastern/Western Screech Owls and Northern Saw-whets too.

Real estate's tough out there for these birds because they're so small. Owl Box provides a perfect cavity, complete with wood chips for nesting material.

Hunting mainly at night, screech owls are active at dusk and dawn as well. Their main prey is insects and small animals. Since they hunt mostly at night, squirrels, songbirds and chipmunks are relatively safe around your place! Screech owls reside in both urban and rural areas. Installing a nest box helps these species thrive and takes care of pest issues on your property. Mount 10-20 feet above ground.

Measures 17-3/4" tall x 9.25" wide x 11" deep
Weight 9.0 lb.
Material: Wood
Handmade USA

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