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Squirrel House with Bottom Entry

Cozy squirrel house offers shelter with options!

Do squirrels really use houses? You bet, especially during winter months for protection from the elements. Not only for a cozy spot to chill, they'll nest and raise babies in a sturdy squirrel house as well.

Wrapped metal roof further protects wood from the elements. Best placement is at least 5 to 6 ft. from ground level and near a limb if possible.

Wooden squirrel house weathers to a silvery patina finish. Durable abode endures many years of cozy and happy squirrels...  after all, nobody wants to be homeless!

Measures 11.25" tall x 9.75" deep x 10.25" wide
Item Weight 4.0 lb.
Material: Wood, Metal
Hanging Screws not Included