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Twice the Treats Bird Feeder with Pole & Hanger

Introducing the Twice the Treats Bird Feeder with Pole & Hanger – your backyard's ultimate squirrel superhero! Crafted from durable all-metal, it's designed to outsmart pesky squirrels and larger birds with its clever weight-sensitive mechanism. Equipped with perches on both the front and back, this feeder cleverly shuts access to the seed openings when it detects a certain amount of weight. With the adjustable settings, you can easily keep out unwanted visitors while accommodating your feathered friends.

This feeder holds a whopping 32 cups of seed, reducing refill hassles, and features clear windows for easy monitoring. Cleaning is a breeze, thanks to the swinging roof and sturdy construction. Plus, its stylish speckled green finish adds charm to any outdoor space.

Easy setup options include a black metal pole or convenient hanger. Made in the USA, it promises top-notch quality for uninterrupted birdwatching joy. Say farewell to squirrel battles and hello to bird-feeding bliss!

Dimensions: 12"L x 14.25"W x 9.25"H, 58"L pole
Mounting: may be hung or pole-mounted
Construction: metal
Shipping Weight: 13 lbs