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A-Frame Vintage Spark Plug Birdhouse

Barn wood and tin birdhouse makes for any mechanic's dream home!

Spark Plug Birdhouse with perch is handcrafted in the North Georgia mountains from reclaimed materials, now features larger tools.

Features tin looped hanger, chew-proof entrance, back pocket nest clean-out and ventilation and drainage for bird's comfort.  A-Frame Bird House provides the perfect nest site and roosting spot for feathered friends. Deeper entrance thwarts predators, and unique style makes for a great conversation piece!

Wood (pine, cedar or oak) and tin from old barns and other structures (dating back as early as 1880's) are used to craft these rustic birdhouses, no two exactly the same.

2-inch entrance may attract woodpeckers, bluebirds Carolina wrens and others. Tin predator guard won't be chewed and enlarged by squirrels. Complete with easy clean-out on back, and signed by the artist, Jim and Vicki Smith. Handcrafted, high quality birdie home will last for many seasons of successful broods and fledges!

Measures 14 x 13 x 7 (without hanger)
Weight 3.4 lb.
Material: Wood, Metal
Handmade USA