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Window Alert UV Liquid

UV Liquid by WindowAlert prevents window strikes, makes it easy for birds to see your windows.

Convenient to use on entire window areas, the bingo-type marker dries almost clear. Reflects ultraviolet sunlight to alert birds of glass. Barely visible to humans, birds see the marks as a brilliant glow–warning them to stop!

Dab or draw on the outside of window in circles, dots, squiggles or lines... even get fancy if you like! For best results use with a few Window Alert Decals.

Window Alert products have received rave reviews and work beautifully to prevent birds from crashing into windows.
1.69 oz.
5 x 1.25
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    Wendy G.
    United States United States
    Working so far

    Feeder has been up for 2 weeks and we have not had any bird strikes using dabs of the Window Alert Liquid and a couple decals. Although it is described as clear when dry, the liquid is actually more frosted in appearance. The instructions say to apply it with a feather light touch but even then it is very hard to keep it from dripping. Next year I’ll take advantage of that tendency by applying it near the top of the window and encouraging it to drip down like an icicle effect and use a decal or two with it.

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