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Green Tube Caged Feeder

Safeguard your bird seed from pesky squirrels with the Tube Bird Feeder with Caged Screen. This feeder features a protective dark green, powder-coated cage with a 1"" square grid, ensuring large seed access for your birds while keeping those sneaky squirrels and other critters at a distance. The central 0.25"" stainless steel mesh reservoir lets birds either grab a seed from the cage or cling to the interior mesh tube for a cozy dining experience.

A thoughtful internal baffle at the reservoir's base ensures complete seed emptying, while drainage holes at the bottom prevent excess water buildup. With a generous 3-cup capacity for peanut chunks or sunflower seeds, this feeder is a delightful treat for your feathered friends. Locks on the green metal roof act as a fortress, preventing any squirrel mischief, and the sturdy metal hanger provides a convenient mounting option. For added versatility, pole mounts this feeder on any pole with a 1"" outer diameter (pole not included). Bring joy to small birds by offering them peanuts or sunflower seeds from this secure Caged Screen Tube Bird Feeder.

Dimensions: 5.75"" dia. x 16.5""H
Mounting: may be hung or pole-mounted
Construction: steel, metal
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs"