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Swell Gift Ideas for Non-Birders Too

December 16, 2015 1 min read

Still have some names looming on your list? Judging by the traffic and half-crazed people in the stores today, we're hedging that many folks haven't yet found their perfect gift choices?

We're offering up a few ideas the non-birder might thoroughly enjoy well beyond the holidays. Metal yard art that's hand made in Mexico is a fun choice, with critters like spring chickens, laughing cows, billy goats, pigs (some that fly), dogs and more!

Know a State Farm agent? A while back we had a run on farm critters... they now grace a few agents' offices with the most whimsical character! Know a city dweller who yearns for the country? The recycled metal animals rock!

Recycled Metal Rocking Chickens  recyled metal billy goat Spotted pig metal yard art

Know someone who just moved in with bare wall syndrome? Artsy wall hangings of natural driftwood or pine cones are cool, and ceramic tiles make unique gifts that last! You can even start them really small with birdhouses...  in the way of ornaments!

Handcrafted Pine Cone Owls Wall Decor   Witty Stoneware Plaques Handmade birdhouse ornaments

If all fails... the Shroom of Doom is perfect for any kitchen! A handmade stoneware fruit fly trap that's cool enough for the counter. Nifty-gifty, functional art... fruit flies be gone! Carpenter bees in summer? We've got a great trap that's proven and effective against the wood-eating insects.

Stoneware Fruit Fly Trap   Carpenter Bee Trap

See? Check the home & garden section for fab gifts... even if they're not crazy bird folks. Best to shake a tail feather though as time is running out!

Wishing you and yours a sane holiday, filled with laughter, light and love~