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Milk, Bread and Mealworms ~ Snowmageddon 2016!

January 24, 2016 1 min read

Woodpecker at suet feeder in snow

While the Northeast got pummeled by snow, Atlanta was lucky enough to receive only a light dusting this time. But in the South, you must understand, the mere mention of snow sends folks into a panic which depletes grocery store shelves!

So if you happen to be one of those crazy bird people, and your mealworm stash is running low... you add them to your grocery list for your bird's survival over the next few days. Yes, birding has become so popular that even grocery stores offer smaller bags of dried worms. Steep these in boiling water and you've got a delectable meal for bluebirds, warblers, chickadees & titmice to name a few!

Another high-calorie, easy to feed treat? Peanut Butter! Woodpeckers, warblers and nuthatches love it (not to mention squirrels if they'll brave the cold) and this one offers lots of extra fat and protein for calories to sustain body heat overnight. Grab a spoon and slather right on a tree trunk. The very top-left corner of image below reveals a pine warbler ready for some good eats!

Woodpecker and warbler eat peanut butter on cold days

Suet feeders, peanuts, peanut butter, sunflower and even thistle seed for finches are ideal for cold-weather munchies. There's easy suet recipes you can whip up in a snap, and we just found this gourmet recipe for seed logs on social media too!

The pictures  aren't the best quality as they're snapped through the window... hey, it's just too cold out for bare hands.

Remember feathered friends during rough weather like this, offer a fresh water source and please feed the birds!