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Add a Leaf Mister to Get Pollinators at Your Garden

March 24, 2019 2 min read

Add a Leaf Mister for Hummingbirds

Hummingbird in Leaf Mister

Get healthier gardens this spring and summer by attracting pollinators to your place with a leaf mister!

Who are they? Not just the obvious hummingbirds and bees, but butterflies, dragonflies and bats will help gardens thrive and flourish.

They all require fresh water especially on scorching summer days (we can all look forward to that). The gentle mist provides an ideal water source for all winged wonders... and for toads, frogs, salamanders and turtles too!

Gardens will grow lush from the misting if you attach the rubber tubing to a simple plant stake. It allows the leaf mister to be mobile so you can easily move it around the garden on different days.

Many will flit and dance right in the mist, some will leaf bathe on shrubs, while others benefit from the moist soil below. Yes, that's our garden many moons ago!

Leaf Mister in the GardenLeaf Mister Kits come with a Y-valve so that your garden hose is always free for use. Complete with 50 ft. of rubber tubing and adjustable flow valve, it's an easy install that takes minutes. Additional tubing is also available. It's likely the most exciting water feature you can add to the garden in terms of seeing wildlife activity. 

We had captured a video of a pollinating trifecta last season; butterflies, bees and hummingbirds were scattered around a large lantana bush which had the mister pointing to it from below- very cool indeed  to witness the nature up close!

When placed near lantana, you'll find butterflies dancing in the mist. Songbirds like chickadees and finches wait for our mister to start each morning! We've even seen adult bluebird use them to cool down nestlings inside their birdhouse on hot summer days. Flying inside soaking wet with smooth feathers, they emerge ruffled as water is shaken off onto babies. How cool is that?

Chickadee at leaf mister

Place over an existing birdbath to crate the ultimate birdie spa, or attach to a branch, or even a structure like an arbor or trellis. Remember that plantings will also benefit from the gentle mist.

Try a Leaf Mister this summer and see for yourself!