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Spring Arrivals Perched Here!

April 23, 2018 5 min read

Unique Bluebird Houses

Bluebirds are already nesting, hummingbirds have arrived in the southeast, more migratory fliers are on their way! Entice them to your place with fresh water, nesting materials, cool feeders and housing too!
Rustic Bluebird Manor Gilbertson Nest Box
Copper Roof Birdhouse Recycled Plastic Bluebird House
Find Bluebird Houses for all tastes, including the popular Gilbertson Nest Box... because real estate's tough out there!View more bluebird houses 

Competition for nest sites is fierce, watch for the perched male bluebird with the suave "wing-tip" - it's his pick-up line for attracting a mate. Considered early nesters, blues will average 2 to 3 broods per season. Open area is best with trees or fence nearby to perch. They'll guard the nest all day while hunting insects. Extremely territorial, they're worse than kids during nesting season! One birdhouse in front and one in the back is best.

During cold and/or wet weather, their diet can be supplemented with mealworms, sunflower chips or suet. Mix your own Bluebird Delight with this easy recipe.

Fresh water rocks! new birdbath, old bird bath, plant saucer... whatever! Keep it clean and shallow for bird's safety. Optimal depth is just 2 to 3" maximum. A few river rocks or large stones in the bath serves birds well.

Hummingbirds are on the move too, well into the southeast. It won't be long before orioles and all migratory friends are here for the season - whether the weather decides to cooperate or not!

Check for Spring 2018 maps of all migratory fliers and know when to expect hummingbirds, orioles, butterflies and more! The key is being ready before they arrive!
Vinyl Garden Art that's bird-friendly! Hidden auger inside post for easy installation without digging... birdbaths and fun hanging birdhouses too!
Art Vinyl Birdhouse on Post Art Vinyl Bird Baths
Welcome to Our Place Birdhouse Sunflower Vinyl Birdhouse
Encourage Hummingbirds to take up residence and check Nectar Aid!  Shop Now

Migrations are the most exciting and busiest times for backyard bird enthusiasts.
In spring more so than fall, as birds are returning to their summer breeding grounds.
Cabin fever abounds and everyone is eager to get out in the garden.
Hummer Helper Nest kit
Hummer Helper Nesting Material has been endorsed by Hummingbird Society president Ross Hawkins. It brings more birds to feeders as juveniles learn to use them.

Check out the buzz around this popular nest material, goldfinches (and others who don't use birdhouses) will also partake to construct cozy digs.
Hand Painted Glass Hummingbird Feeders



Parasol Hummingbird Feeders are crafted in Mexico from recycled glass with new hand-painted designs. Quality Top-Fill feeders never leak, many styles with perches in single, double and triple vessels. Find larger capacity basin style feeders too.


Family style dining with the Triple Orb, offers several smaller feeders to help reduce territorial scuffles among the tiny sprites! Remove the lid for a year-round use dish feeder and attract resident birds with mealworms, suet, shelled peanuts and more!

Hand feeding hummingbirds is all the rage and it's easy to train them with the new Hummer Ring Kit or Nectar Dots. Have these fascinating birds feed right from your hand this season for an ultimate thrill. It's great fun for the whole family!
Triple Orb Hummingbird Feeder
Hummer Ring Kit Set of 4, Training Stand & more
Nectar Dots Set of 3 with cleaning brush & tips card
Easy instructions with both hand-held feeders!
Hummer Ring Nectar Dots
Nectar Aid Pitcher


Nectar Aid will change your game - no excuses now for not making your own nectar! Even if you already do, it's the fastest, easiest way without measuring or utensils. Mix it, heat it if preferred (to quickly dissolve sugar) and store it all in the same pitcher.
Pssst! We think the sprites prefer home made over commercial mixes anyway!

Got Mud?
Coax Barn Swallows from inconvenient nest spots 

Artificial Nest Cups really work! Swallows love 'em, USA made
Barn Swallow Nest Cups Barn Swallow Wooden Nest Cups- Set of 2
Entice  Winged Wonders with Leaf Misters, Habitats and Butterfly Feeders Shop Now
Leaf Mister for Birds and Butterflies

 Butterflies and songbirds adore leaf misters, chickadees and titmice anticipate their start on warm mornings! Versatile with several possibilities for installation, this one's attached to a plant stake in the garden for easy mobility. Plants grow lush too!

Create a haven for butterflies in your garden with fruit and nectar. Innovative feeder uses wicks and tubes that mimic flower blossoms, with spikes for offering fruit slices too. Appeals to many species of butterflies and lets them feed naturally. Designed and tested by butterfly breeders, may be hung or pole mounted.

Butterfly Feeder for Fruit and Nectar
Butterfly Biome Habitat The Butterfly Biome encourages pollinators by offering habitat for overwintering butterflies and other beneficial garden insects. Lady bugs, lacewings and bees may you take you up on these cozy digs for winter!

When preparing gardens and buying plants this spring, check plant labels for those containing Neonicotinoids- these pesticides are deadly to bees and butterflies.

Opt for native plants (less work - more garden) whenever possible. Enter your zip code on Audubon's Native Plant Database for easy access to what plants are best for your locale... and the birds!
Classic, mod and fun bird feeders for all resident songbirds Shop Now

Accommodate a lot or a few and change up treats with multi-use feeders. In platform, fly-thru and other cool styles, find quality post-mount and hanging bird feeders for all the usual suspects!
Mosaic Glass Fly-Thru Bird Feeder Classic Perch Bird Feeder
Copper Roof- Vinyl Bird Feeders Mod Bird Feeder/Bird Bath on Pole
Sip and Seed Double Silo Feeder and Waterer Multi-Use-Cage Bird Feeders- Set of 3
Solar, Hanging and Tall Bird Baths - water, water... the easiest way to entice feathered friends! Shop Now 

Fresh water is by far the best way to attract birds to your place. What's the best birdbath? It's the one you will maintain, just keep water fresh and shallow and they will come! Accessories to keep water moving act as a visual magnet for birds, even those who may not visit your feeders.
Solar Bubbler Hanging Bird Bath Peace Tall Bird Bath
Brass Leaves Solar Birdbath Reflections Deck & Ground Birdbath
Equal Housing Opportunities... here's to happy & healthy fledges leaving the nest  Shop Now 

Chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and more will be thrilled to find new digs to raise a family! Whether rustic or whimsical, traditional or contemporary, find the most unique birdhouses to host many successful broods over the years! Reclaimed and recycled vintage styles are one-of-a-kinds, while copper roof vinyl birdhouses are guaranteed for life.

Check your birdhouses now to remove old nests and clean for spring. Repair if necessary as dry and safe nests are best for babies. Remove nests after babies have fledged... because someone else wants in! Nuthatches tend to hang around the house after fledging, so give them additional time.

Baffles aren't just for feeders! Protect birdhouses from predators with a squirrel baffle. Give the family the best chance for a successful brood by monitoring them. Check the website for fascinating information on bluebirds and other native cavity nesting birds. Any and all questions can be answered here!
A-Frame Weathered Wood Birdhouse Copper Roof Birdhouse
Bamboo and Stoneware Mod Birdhouse Hot Air Balloon Felted Wool Birdhouse
Distressed Owl Birdhouse Ceramic Dog Bird Houses
Metal yard art and cool stuff for your nest too!  Shop Now

Handmade in Mexico from recycled metal, garden critters bring smiles. In natural or vibrant hues, they'll add some country charm to the landscape. Roosters and cows and pigs oh my! Find garden stakes, planters, chimes and unique pieces for indoor decor too.