Help Birds through Fall Migration

Fall 2019 Newsletter- Mesmerizing Migrations

Splash • Wiggle • Mist
Birds Favorites... for Beating Summer Sizzle!
Moving water stays fresher and it rocks in a birdbath or in the garden sans the bath! Solar bubblers & fountains, leaf misters, water wigglers or drippers benefit both hosts and birds by preventing stagnant water. Mosquitoes can't lay eggs and birds who may not visit feeders will flock to gently moving water.
Whether they stay or go... hydration and clean feathers are a must for all avian fliers!

Hanging Solar Bird Bath
Songbirds and butterflies adore leaf misters, some birds even anticipate their start on hot mornings! With easy and versatile installation options, you can place a mister right in the garden for leaf-bathing.

Lead Mister Over Birdbath

Mesmerizing Migration: Watch 118 Bird Species Migrate Across a Map of the Western Hemisphere (courtesy Cornell Lab)

Migrations are exciting and busy times for backyard birders and feathered friends. In fall migratory birds are returning to their summer breeding grounds, but please don't forget resident birds who brave our harsh winters.

Click on the migration map to see dates and patterns of migratory birds... it;s pretty cool!

Migration Map from Cornell Lab

Keep 'em Around!

Cardinals, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, finches and others benefit greatly from native shrubs and trees. Heated birdbaths, seed, suet & peanut feeders plus roosting spots help them survive cold weather.

While temps are cooling and it's prime time for planting, remember that native plants require less maintenance... so do keep birds in mind whenever possible! A few suggestions? Check this great article (and pics) from American Bird Conservancy.

Carb-Loading Hummingbirds
Keep feeders fresh and full for those headed south because Central and South America are really far away! Migrating hummingbirds face a long and arduous journey ahead, so every calorie that is gained and stored for energy matters.

Reduce territorial scuffles among tiny sprites with additional smaller feeders. If you've purchased the Triple Orb (or thinking about it) separate the feeders to make it easier for more birds to feed

Triple Orb Gkass Hummingbird FeederRemove these lids for winter use and entice resident birds with mealworms, suet, shelled peanuts and more!
Simply use an ant moat to end this headache! One ant spoils a whole feeder full of fresh nectar :(

They can make it impossible for hummingbirds to feed... but they gotta eat too!

Simply offer them food away from hummingbird feeders. This summer we've found that jelly works great! Use in a small hanging dish feeder; bees, yellow-jackets and wasps have steered clear of hummingbirds feeders in favor of jelly!

Nectar Aid
is back and it changes your game - no excuses now for not making your own nectar! It's the fastest and easiest way without measuring or utensils. Mix it, heat it if preferred (to quickly dissolve sugar) and store it all in the same pitcher.Nectar Aid No-Measure Hummingbird Pitcher

1:4 Ratio (sugar to water)
Pure Cane Sugar Only!
Raw and brown sugar contain high iron levels which may be dangerous for hummingbirds' delicate systems.
Pssst! We think the sprites prefer home made over commercial mixes anyway!

Still Bugged?
Forget pesticides and chemicals- they're bad for everyone and everything! Keep outdoor gatherings bug-free with natural citronella coils. And in the kitchen, fruit flies are no match for the Shroom of Doom! Check out some natural pest deterrents that really work!

What's New? 
Birdhouses, feeders and bird baths in all styles! Whether rustic or whimsical, traditional or contemporary, find the most unique birdhouses to host many successful broods. Reclaimed and recycled vintage styles are one-of-a-kinds, with new and innovative accessories for better birding. Superb gifts for any occasion too!

Happy Fall and Happy Birding!