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Where to Buy Unusual Birdhouses?

August 11, 2019 1 min read

Where to find unusual birdhouses

At TheBirdhouseChick, of course! You've come to the right place for unusual birdhouses simply because we're a boutique with curated collections in all styles. We've been around for twelve years and doing the backyard birding thing for 30+ years!

While you may not find a gazillion birdhouses, the ones offered are mostly USA handmade, tested and bird-approved.

Aside from the funky and more unusual designs, classic or traditional birdhouses made of copper and vinyl are quite popular in many landscapes. Folks flip over the quality and elegance, so much so they'll proudly send pictures after installation. If I were a bird... this yard would definitely be the place to call home!
Classic Copper Roof Birdhouse Installation

Rustic bird abodes (made right here in Atlanta) suit many tastes and a more natural garden style well. Vintage and found objects along with old fences and barn wood are repurposed for wonderful nesting sites that last.
Rustic Church Birdhouses

Recycled metal from Mexico is all the rage, and this fun cottage birdhouse just rocks! With the popularity of metal- these houses are best hung in shade or a spot receiving morning sun only.

Cottage Birdhouse-Recycled Metal

Modern birdhouses offer a sleek focal point in a more contemporary setting. Vivid colors and clean lines pop in the garden for a cool accent and fine bird home.
Modern Birdhouses

Last but certainly not least, find the most unique birdhouses around town! They make for thoughtful and lasting gifts for any occasion. Fun designs, quality materials and total functionality afford many successful broods over the years. Hanging or pole- and post-mounted birdhouses, muted earth tones or vibrant colors, find the perfect home to house your feathered friends in style!
Unique Birdhouse- Cat  Unique Birdhouses- Pottery Dog