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The Moderns and Rustic-New Birdhouses & Feeders

July 27, 2016 2 min read

It's a stark contrast, a difference in tastes... contemporary designs and rustic styles. Sometimes even paired together for a bold statement in the garden and/or in the home.

Some groovy new (and old) birdhouses and bird feeders have arrived in both styles! One is crafted in Germany, the other, right here in Atlanta.

The rustic birdhouses are one-of-a-kinds, no mass production and no knock-offs from overseas. Complete with all the features of a birdies' dream home too! Although totally functional and meant for feathered friends, we're confident a few will end up as indoor decor... so sorry little guys!

Rustic Birdhouse Church Birdhouses 
Tall Rustic Birdhouses Tall Rustic Church Bird House

On the flip side, crafted in Germany, are these sleek and contemporary bird feeder/bird bath combinations. Stainless Steel and Aluminum, they're pole mounted (pole included) and offer great versatility for your birds. With simplistic design this feeder/bath combo offers up fresh water or just about any treats; seed, suet and nuggets, peanuts, fruit, even live meal worms in the porcelain dish (we promise the mealies won't crawl out).

Mod bird feeder/bird bath  Modern Bird Feeder/Birdbath Combo

Back to the rustic is a killer huge ground bird that's hand carved of teak root. Dense and most durable, the bulk of teak wood found in the garden is contemporary furniture. So this rustic bird bath (extra large and not even listed yet for sale) looks pretty amazing when paired with a mod birdhouse or feeder.

Extra Large Teak Ground Bird Bath

Whatever your style, birds will appreciate the offerings, be it food in a cool bird feeder, fresh water in a sleek bird bath, and/or shelter in the form of rustic birdhouses... please help house the birds :)

And the inspiration for pairing rustic with mod? Check out this cool number... want one, need one!

rustic teak bowl paired with mod faucet