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New Birdhouses: Victorians, Rustic Logs, and Vinyl/PVC

August 12, 2016

Colonial and Victorian BirdhousesSome very cool birdhouses are arriving weekly!

Nesting activity may be winding down for the season, but your resident birds will take kindly to roosting in any of these fine birdhouses through fall and winter!

Real estate is tough out there for feathered friends, and there's so many good reasons for installing a birdhouse.

New styles arriving for fall and holiday include highly detailed Victorians, rustic log-fronts, and durable vinyl/PVC in some pretty awesome designs.

Whether post-mounted or hanging, a new birdhouse at this time of year still offers refuge from inclement weather and from predators. They help resident birds thrive.

Rustic bird houses like these log-front styles give birds and nestlings ultimate protection with their naturally deep predator guards! Logs are chosen for their distinct form and texture, while the best ones provide deep entries that keep thieving paws at bay. Watch for new styles coming to the site this week under our rustic birdhouses section!
Rustic Log BirdhouseRustic Birdhouse with natural predator guard

Another popular category of housing is the vinyl/PVC line... you can't beat it for durability and good looks! From our copper roof birdhouses (that actually look like wood) to the new art vinyl bird abodes in vibrant colors (from original wood-burned art) both provide a place birds will be thrilled to call home.
Vinyl Bluebird House with Copper RoofVinyl Birdhouse

Gifting a birdhouse for any occasion is a fabulous heart-felt idea- there's styles to match virtually anyone's personality and tastes. Not only helping local cavity-dwelling birds, they're an engaging gift with purpose.

A birdhouse can involve the recipient - however much or as little as desired, making it interactive... far & away better than any virtual experience! From an old testimonial, one customer had told us this: "My friend loves her birdhouse.  It's a great way to let nature comfort heartache."

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