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Bird Cams

Bring nature indoors with a Hawk Eye Bird Cam
Capture amazing close-up photos and video of action in your yard... it's nature's reality TV show! Easy to use and affordable, Bird Cams are versatile for observing nesting birds, for use near baths, feeders, or anywhere you want to capture the action. Document eggs to fledge with a Hawk Eye Camera in your birdhouse!

Whether a Spy Cam to watch hatchlings grow then fledge the nest, or a bird watching camera set up at feeders or birdbaths, you'll be amazed with the fine detail of the photos and videos on your computer or television. Bird Cams let you view the progress of nestlings, hummingbirds sipping nectar, playful bathing birds, or any wildlife activity from A to Z. Turns your backyard into an entertainment center!