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Super Tray Bird Feeder with Cover


Versatile Hanging Platform Feeder with clear weather guard protects seed and birds from the elements.

They'll love the Super Tray Fly-Thru feeder with its large perching area and protective cover. Unique topper protects seed and birds from weather. Offer seed mixes, dried meal worms, fruit, suet, or any other treats for feathered friends. Change it up with seasons to entice more birds to your place!

Durable cedar construction and sturdy perforated metal screen with chain hanger makes the Super Tray a superb choice for general bird feeding.

Available in 2 Sizes - Tray with surrounding perch:
Medium 13" x 13" x 7"  8-cup capacity
Large 16" x 16" x 11"  14-cup capacity
Material: Cedar, Metal, Plastic
USA Made