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Wild Bird Accessories Make Backyard Birding Better!

Find useful accessories to attract more feathered friends and enrich your backyard birding hobby. Offer nesting materials to encourage residency, or a squirrel baffle to protect feeders. Dried or live mealworms will bring those bluebirds around, while Window Alerts prevent crashes. From clean-feeding with birdseed trays to ant moats and mounting hardware... catch some stellar gift ideas for the birding enthusiast too!

Wild Bird Accessories for Beginner to Advanced

Whether you're new to the hobby of backyard birding, or a seasoned professional, bird accessories will make a huge difference in your overall experiences.

For example, if you're tired of squirrels raiding bird feeders, a baffle really does the trick to thwart the pesky critters... save birdseed and money in the long run.

Seed catchers, or seed trays prevent unsightly weeds from sprouting below feeders, plus more importantly, they provide for a cleaner & healthier habitat for birds. While the new Seed Hoops act as a platform in catching spilled seed, they also entice other birds to dine who may not perch at your feeder.

If window strikes are a problem around your home, WindowAlert Decals provide the answer! Barely visible to the human eye, these decals act as huge stop sign for birds... they're amazingly effective at stopping this horrific problem.

Nesting material will attract non-cavity dwelling birds to your yard, and various nesting kits have refills available. Birding Books make wonderful and lasting gifts for any nature enthusiast on your list. Most accessories will be used for years... and are much appreciated by humans and feathered friends alike!