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Barn Swallow Residents Take to New Nest Cups

April 18, 2015 1 min read

Barn Swallow Nest Cups

The wash bay at Leda's barn in Creston, CA., was being held hostage by her resident barn swallows. The adjustable ceiling pipe from where the hose feeds was hosting a swallow's nest, making use of the hose nearly impossible! Instead of adjusting the hose, both humans and horses had to maneuver around it so as not to disturb the nest. Being that swallows are very advantageous around a barn, Leda opted to try and coax her resident birds to some new digs with our handcrafted Swallow Nest Cup Set.

At first it was no go: "As they usually have two broods each year, maybe they'll give the new nests a try on their second batch...I did see one of them checking them out...guess the new nests just didn't pass the peck test!"

Nest Cups installed to the right and left edge of the board. Various nesting materials were placed in the center of the board to lure and coax the birds. The existing nest (circled in black) is precariously placed above the pipe.

But then... success! The next eggs were laid and brooded in the new nest cups - finally freeing up the wash bay and hose for normal use.  "So glad they finally came around...and the horses are happy to have them out of their wash area!"

"Well, they finally decided to move into the new digs and we have our first brood...picture not too good, but you'll get the idea!  We're most pleased... thanks for your service!"

Thank you Leda for housing the birds!