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Unique Birdhouses Bring Smiles in Chicago

July 10, 2015 3 min read

A Most Unique Birdhouse Display in Chicago

If a picture is worth a thousand words... then the smiles these birdhouses bring to some local Chicago kids & adults is simply heart-warming!

She started her flock small, an order for two or three of the hand carved bird birdhouses.

Soon a few more more of these unique birdhouses were on their way to Kelle, and it wasn't too long before even more houses were on their way to her.

This piqued my curiosity to inquire on their intended use? I thought "what could someone possibly do with 20 birdhouses that looked like birds?" 
The answer was revealed in a few photos, which immediately brought a "how very cool!" and big smile! You know, that warm & fuzzy feeling?

Adjacent to her house in the city sat a huge oak tree with about a dozen of these wooden bird birdhouses suspended in animation. Looking exactly like that's where they were intended to live, the big bird display seemed to create a fanciful tale for the viewer's imagination.

Last Christmas, yet more birds were ordered to fatten the flock this spring. With that order came the nicest story, one which deserved being published... at the very least, on the birdhouse chick site!

"I can't wait for your customer pics!  I'll send another when I get my new birds up!  All the neighbors will be excited!  They bring so much joy to so many people - young and old!  They think it was such a cool idea!  It cracks me up how many little kids have to come by every day to say "hi" to the birds!  Makes me happy!"

The two bird houses on the far right that seem to be suspended in mid-air, are actually attached with monofilament. It's invisible for the most part, and it's what helps give the scene so much character. Several of the birdhouses hang between the residence and the tree itself, courtesy of (Kelle's husband?) and the invisible wire that's strung across this open space. 
"My husband teases me - he's asks me who is Beth - I said it's my bird girl!  He's says who has a bird girl - ME!! Thanks so much!  EVERY single day - someone walks by and talks about my birdhouses!  Some guy was taking pictures yesterday!"  

No doubt the houses provide swell roosting spots for real birds on cold Chicago nights. But had they ever been occupied for nesting and raising babies? I thought the sheer number of houses and their close proximity might inhibit the process. Kelle kindly answered this question as well:
"Last spring, a male Carolina Wren made nests in several the birdhouses and would sing to attract his female!  It was so cute!  It was like she had a choice!  They ended up in the cardinal birdhouse and raised their family! I had so much fun watching him build his nests. I hope he comes back this year!"
The clever birdhouse display receives lots of daily visitors... in those children (and adults) who insist on saying "hello" to all the birds in the big tree!

Below is just a small sample of Kelle's birdhouses. Although a few have been omitted, it conveys the fun and "colorful flock in the tree" that she's created with love and care over the past two years!

Thank you Kelle for housing the birds and for bringing a smile & simple joy to so many in your Chicago neighborhood!