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Celebrate Fall Migration and Residents Birds too!

October 03, 2016 3 min read

Fall Migration and Resident Birds

Hummingbird's Crazy Time!

They're still hanging...

and fattening up for their journey south. Although it's officially fall, activity around feeders is still fierce in many states! Help the tiny sprites along with a tad stronger nectar solution during migration. Typically 1:4 (pure can sugar to water) birds benefit from the extra calories at 1:3 ratio.

Leave one feeder up- even if you think they're gone! Hummingbird Society president, Ross Hawkins always advises leaving a feeder up for stragglers from further north. Your feeder will not make them stay... it's a total myth.

Unique Hummingbird Feeders   Oriole Bird Feeders

Orioles... you may catch them on the flip side!
Peak migration is Aug. & Sept. for Baltimore Orioles, though a bit difficult to recognize as birds are molting their feathers. For Bullock's, Sept. is peak migration, with some birds still molting.

Grape jelly and orange halves are favorites, any type of dish feeder works well for jelly. Try an orange half pierced on a small protruding branch, or check out the Clementine feeder above.

Goldfinches... they stick around
Considered resident birds in most of the US, watch as vibrant yellow plumage gives way to new Big Finch Bird Feedersolive-drab winter feathers, they're one of few birds who molt twice per year. Appetites are voracious at thistle feeders right now, and hanging a mesh thistle sock is an inexpensive & easy way to please the crowds. The Rainbow Finch Feeder is fantastic for big crowds, a sight to behold when all perches are occupied!

Bluebirds... they hang too!
Close-knit and family oriented, bluebirds are also residents in most locales. With a decent breeding season, many folks reported 3 and some even a 4th brood! Watch for their molt now, making it more difficult to tell who's who among juveniles.

Meal worms are their absolute favorite, but creepy-crawlies need not apply! Dried worms provide just as much protein and if you steep them in boiling water for a few minutes, it softens the worms for greater appeal... to the blues anyway!

Not so much now, but prior to breeding season, consider using calcium carbonate powder to avoid egg bonding in females. Because too much of a good thing isn't always good, worms dusted in this calcium supplement help balance nutritional needs.

Visit the website for comprehensive information on anything bluebird related, there's great info on all native cavity nesting birds too.

Talk About a Heat Wave
It seems every August is the hottest yet on record... this one took the cake! Each morning birds sat eagerly on our leaf misters awaiting relief in the fine mist of fresh water. Aside from fliers, turtles, frogs, lizards and a few wild turkeys found relief in the puddler below one mister.

Whether they stay or go, all birds need fresh water. It's the easiest and most effective way to attract songbirds. Solar fountains, bath drippers and leaf misters are ideal for warm weather, but nothing beats a heated bird bath in frigid winter months! All are available as separate accessories, consider adding one to your existing bird bath to further entice feathered friends!

Chickadee on Laef MisterMod Bird Bath-Bird Feeder
Separate Bird Bath HeatersSolar Fountains Sold Separately

Swell ideas for birds in fall

  1. Leave one up: hummingbird feeder
  2. Leave the leaves: create a brush pile in one corner of the yard for cover
  3. Clean out birdhouses: provides roosting spots through winter
  4. Give feeders a thorough cleaning
  5. Offer one new type of food: try your own suet or banquet mix
  6. Offer fresh water: make it move or heat for winter
  7. Slap peanut butter right on a tree trunk once weather turns cold
  8. Prevent window crashes: unobtrusive decals really work
  9. Plant with birds in mind: provide natural food sources and shelter

Hummingbird Feeding at FlowerNew Native Plant Data Base!
From Audubon, simply enter your zip code for a neat list of native plants to enhance the landscape while helping wild birds thrive.

Providing natural food sources and shelter has never been easier, a fail-safe list of hearty flowers, shrubs and trees tailored for you & birds... for many seasons to come.Visit to find your plants!  

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Wishing Y'all a Happy Fall!