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Dovecote Birdhouse in White Garden

September 11, 2016 1 min read

Vinyl Dovecote BirdhouseAbsence of color can be simply stunning as pictured in this all white garden for example. When Janet mentioned mounting her dovecote birdhouse on a birch tree's broken branch- we must admit, it sounded a bit odd.

To our surprise, the pics she later sent after installation were pretty cool. The tree's white bark served as the mount for the large birdhouse. The residence (also white) serves as a perfect backdrop, and the white roses along with white ground cover proved a lovely accent.

dovecote birdhouse mounted on tree limbThe 4x4 post-mount collar with vinyl brackets almost seems like it was made for the lopped-off branch, the fit is perfect. And even though the yard area is on the small side, fine details and scale do tie everything together nicely.

This vinyl dovecote features a cypress shake roof, lending itself to a more cottage or Victorian style. Sealant or waterproofing is recommended for these roofs prior to installation, and every few years beyond to preserve the wood. The vinyl? No worries of maintenance... ever! Although they look like wood, vinyl will never warp, crack or split. From small to tall, this dovecote features three entries with perches (also available with copper portalsl) it's ideal for the usual suspects; chickadees, nuthatches, bluebirds, wrens and other resident songbirds.

Thanks for sending the pics and sharing your yard... may your new birdhouse host many successful broods over the years!

All white cottage garden with dovecote accent