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We Must Have Good Taste in Birdhouses?

August 19, 2016 1 min read

Today we received this badge from HOUZZ!

Beth Wheeler in Dallas, GA on Houzz

It means 1000 folks have saved items from our shop on the popular marketplace for all things home and garden. From our copper/vinyl birdhouses to rustic teak garden decor, activity is brisk and customer reviews are stellar!

Copper Roof Birdhouses earn 1000 saves on popular marketplaceEveryone in the world may say they're unique- it's the chic thing today... but it just ain't so! When an online  store automatically uploads an entire inventory from a manufacturer or distributor... there's nothing unique about it at all.

Hong's Temple Teak Arbor Bench    Teak-Driftwood Birdhouse

Teak Root BenchCurate: To select, organize and look after products in a collection
It's what we do best (along with personal customer service for a fab shopping experience). Searching far and wide and often locally for the most unique birdhouses, wild bird feeders, bird baths, yard art and cool home accents!

Recycled, reclaimed, innovative, functional, local, classic, modern, whimsical and everything in between are just a few of the requirements or qualities kept in mind. And when you love what you do, it's obvious in many ways. Products are handcrafted by those who have passion for birds and art.

Check us out on HOUZZ for our condensed version of fine home and garden offerings!