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Watch Your Bird Feeders for...

October 23, 2019 2 min read

Watch Bird Feeders for Sanity and Science

Sanity and Science!

The popularity of wild bird feeding continues to soar as more and more folks are discovering the happy hobby everyday. What is it that makes feeding the birds so delightful and addictive?

You start small, with one bird feeder, the simplicity of watching is understated. You add a birdbath, maybe another type of feeder to lure different species. Then comes a birdhouse to hopefully witness nesting and fledglings in spring. That's it... you may have become addicted, just wait till ya start with bluebirds or hummingbirds!

Watching birds keeps one in the present. Unplugged and away from today's technology (which is proven to short-circuit the brain) you are at one with nature. A sense of calm ensues removing everyday chaos and the list of to-do's running through your head. It's a fantastic hobby which brings the simplest joy and intangible source of tranquility.

We have a date every single night with bluebirds. About one hour prior to dusk is mealworm time. They're waiting and chattering for dinner and without fail... they're served. If we can't be there- we'll make plans so someone else will :) Crazy bird lady? Maybe so! When your fridge is stocked with more live worms than food... you might be addicted to bird feeding!

A pretty poor quality video (remember? no-tech when outside with the birds) but the blue's chitter-chatter is certainly lovely!

Finally Fall in Atlanta, GA

So it's finally fall in Atlanta, GA., which coincides with Feeder Watch!

The Science? Project Feeder Watch
In our previous blog post we related Cornell Lab of Ornithology's list of "7 Easy Ways to Help Birds". The serious decline in bird populations is a wake-up call to make folks more aware, it even made headlines in the NY Times. Watch and observe was one of the seven, but what does it mean?

Your observations really do matter! Cumulative data over the years from hundreds of thousands of bird watchers is pooled by the lab and its partners to paint a bigger picture. Population and shifting ranges of species due to climate change are at the forefront.

An interesting activity that can actually be enjoyed by the whole family- Project Feeder Watch is a fantastic way to build on your birding hobby. Joining the Cornell Lab is definitely worth the perks too! Check out Project Feeder Watch to learn more, get free stuff and support a worthy cause. And come next spring- it all starts over with Project Nest Watch!