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The Most Unique Birdhouses Around Town!

Browse our fabulous array of unique birdhouses! We offer a curated selection including bluebird houses, birdhouse kits, martin houses and stunning copper roof & vinyl birdhouses.

Totally fun and functional, you'll find unusual, traditional, whimsical and one-of-a-kind handmade birdhouses crafted with superior quality to host many successful broods over the years!

In early spring before nesting season begins, you'll attract more species with nest materials, and platforms for non-cavity dwelling birds. Throughout the remainder of the year, your bird houses offer swell roosting spots too!

Find the most unique birdhouses crafted in ceramics, copper, stoneware, and wood, most are made in the USA with quality to last for years. They'll brighten any environment, while providing real homes for wild birds. For just about any occasion... handmade birdhouses from our individual artisans make wonderful and long-lasting gifts for any nature enthusiast on your list!

Sad but true, finding suitable nest cavities for wild birds is difficult in much of North America. Competition from non-native birds, along with urban sprawl and habitat decimation have greatly reduced natural nest cavities. More than 50 species of birds use nest boxes or birdhouses for nesting and fledging their young, so providing a birdhouse not only helps solve the shortage, it enhances your birding experience as well.

For ultimate wild bird attraction, create a simple oasis by adding water and food sources. Native evergreens, fruit bearing trees and shrubs, or bird feeders, plus a fresh water source will fulfill birds' basic needs.

Thanks for housing the birds and happy birding!
Please note: Starlings and House Sparrows (both non-native species) and House Wrens will remove/destroy the eggs of native songbirds from nest boxes. They will also kill adults and babies over territorial rights to a birdhouse. If you'd like to learn more about protecting our native songbirds, please visit