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Copper Roof Birdhouse Featured in Southern Living!

September 24, 2015 1 min read

Copper Roof Birdhouse Featured in Southern Living Magazine

It's not everyday your product appears in a national publication, so when it does... we think it deserves a mention! In the September issue of Southern Living magazine (center spread no less) our medium size copper roof birdhouse sets the stage for this fab garden shot.

Notice the title of the article, "The Poetry of Outdoor Rooms". A trend on the rise, it's pretty fantastic that folks are becoming more in tune with their outdoor space. Complete rooms nestled smack in the middle of nature- could anything else be more relaxing?

Add some wild birds to the mix (because they really do bring gardens to life) and ta-dah... one could sit and watch for hours... at least we could! It's an escape from the everyday chaos of life, a natural stress relief that completely removes you from all the "to-do's" and worries, and places you in the here & now so to speak, the present.

These stunning copper birdhouses also have matching copper bird feeders, and although we strongly believe in housing the birds, we really dig feeding them too! You'll see far more activity at a feeder than a house. So what's the absolute best way to entice feathered friends? Fresh water! Year-round, day in and day out, fresh water brings more birds to the garden. Be it a simple bird bath, fountain or water feature, it's the the key element if you want to see more bird action around your outdoor space.