Help Birds Thrive- This Sale Bird Feeder Does More

Longer days means spring is closer-feed the birds!

Although days are getting longer, spring seems miles away in many locales. But once that first crocus blooms, you can bet birds will be scouting territories, the best housing and mates. It's nature at her finest... regardless of what the weather decides.

Martin scouts have already been spotted in Florida, and Eastern bluebird males in the southeast are doing their funky "wing tip" as if to say "hey baby- a lookee over here, I've found the perfect digs for us to set up shop!"

But early nestings don't always prove successful due to the absence of natural food sources, heavy spring rains, and/or cold weather. Here's where filling your bird feeders really helps local songbirds! Supplemental feeding can make or break a nesting pair of birds... especially those with babies.

Deluxe bird feeder wreath has usable packaging for your birds

This birdseed wreath uses top-notch ingredients which results in a no-waste treat, it packs a punch full of calories for feathered friends. And Calories=Energy=Warmth, the ability to sustain overnight.

So here's the good part: See that straw packaging and raffia bow? Birds love it for nest building! Behind that cute label is a black net for hanging the wreath (it lasts longer that way). The netting is ideal for offering up nesting materials, just fill, pull some through and hang from a quiet area in the yard where birds will see the goods.

Straw from wreath packing for DIY nest material

Be sure to remove the gold ribbon, and do cut the raffia into short strips. Little feet can easily get tangled up in it and pose a real danger. Fido or Fluffy live with you? Save their hair and add it to the nesting bag. Nuthatches, chickadees, and others will use it to build a soft nest for babies' arrival.

Steer clear of anything that's not natural to birds. Dryer lint's a no-no because it contains polyester and other synthetic materials. If your cat/dog uses flea meds, then avoid using their fur in the mix. Feathers and mosses are popular, decorative but natural; sheet moss, Spanish moss, and sphagnum are some faves. Ever seen that jay tear up the coco liners in your planters or hanging baskets? They're after good nest material! Even those who don't nest in birdhouses will use the materials.

Other stuff to help birds beat the winter blues? Housing and Wood Roof Roosting Pockets offer shelter from the elements, and a heated water source is tops! Suet, peanuts, sunflower, anything that's high in fat, protein and calories gives birds an edge in miserable weather. Lots of DIY easy suet recipes too!

And oh yeah... the DIY nesting material? Below is some of ours from past seasons. In fact, we're gearing up for our annual free nesting material promo. Beginning Feb.1, 2016, receive free nesting materials with all orders. Come on... show your birds some love this month!

Old bird feeder filled with DIY nest materialsHorse hair is a favorite for soft nests