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Try a Window Bird Feeder... for Your Cat!

February 21, 2016 2 min read

Dew Drop Window Bird Feeder

Cat enjoys his window bird feederThe titmouse chilling at this window bird feeder seems fairly content, but the cat seems far more intrigued! And it's all very good as the feline is rightly within his own confines, yet able to witness and experience the great outdoors and wildlife safely - without maiming or killing!

For as long as folks have been attracting and feeding wild birds, the argument over outdoor cats has raged. Both birding groups and cat fanciers have been at odds over the age-old argument, and you can bet it's a heated one for sure! Complete with name calling "cat crazies", statistics, and graphic images of dead wildlife and cats that tug at heart strings.

The biggest problem or complaint is that of feral cats, and through no fault of their own, humans are the ones to blame for the increasingly difficult situation. For as long as spay/neuter is not enforced, outdoor cats will procreate like bunnies (whether they're feral or owned).

To us, it's a very sad example of the sheer neglect and indifference toward our companion animals. We're not going to take sides on this one for fear of backlash, but can say that of our 4 cats, the screened porch is the extent of their outside time.

On the other hand, I could strangle the neighbor who rescues, only to let the cats roam... on our property. Well... guess that just might be taking sides? Getting back to window feeders, they not only entice feathered friends to the smallest yards- or even balcony, they'll keep Fluffy entertained with live action for hours as well. Go ahead and try one and see for yourself, and happy birding!