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Best Garden Gifts for Valentine's Day

February 06, 2017 2 min read

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Best to shake a tail feather if you're planning to impress your love bird on Valentine's Day!

The great outdoors always brings a sense of calm and relaxation, it's just soothing for the soul to be among nature. Whether rafting down a rapids, hiking, or just chilling in own your yard.

Not everyone who's into "the garden" is necessarily into birds, but the two pretty much go hand in hand. Check out a few suggestions (some of our favorites) for really fab Valentine's gifts... to impress bird freaks and non-birders too!

Glass Humming Bird Feeder on Heart

The perfect theme for Valentines, Blossom on Heart Hummingbird Feeder is handcrafted in Mexico from recycled glass. No drip design is good for hosts and sprites alike. Nothing to fade or warp, it lasts a lifetime and beautifies the garden whether hummingbirds are present or not.

Okay, so that one was for the birds but here's a great one if the number of years you've been together is getting up there! The term "old crow" may be an endearing one if you've survived longevity, and Two Old Crows Kinetic Garden Stake might fit the bill with charm. For a bit of whimsy in the garden, these old birds rock gently in the slightest breeze. Guaranteed to bring a smile!

Two Old Crows Kinetic garden Stake

Maybe ducks are their thing? The cutest Teak Puddle Duck Family resides here! Ideal for indoor decor or garden, the set of three teak wood ducks adorn bright yellow rain gear with great style and panache... unique to say the least!

Teak Wood Puddle Duck Family

 Butterfly Puddler

One more for gardener would be a Butterfly Puddler. Weather-proof stoneware and handcrafted in Canada, a Butterfly Puddler offers the flying gems a place to warm in the sun. It can be used as feeder or salt bath, complete with instructions and recipe. Create a pollinator habitat... because butterflies could use the help! A gardening booklet goes along with this fine gift and a tips brochure showing both host and nectar plants for creating a welcoming spot for butterflies.
Leaf Mister on Plant Stake

Leaf Misters are highly popular with butterflies too, other birds will partake in their own personal spa, and gardens grow lush when staked for easy mobility.

No matter the choice gift for your Valentine... it's the thought that counts! Just remember that flowers fade fast, and chocolate is gone in a few days. For the nearly the same spend, give a gift that lasts and brings lasting joy for your Love Bird!