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Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder

November 15, 2016 2 min read

Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder

Gift Idea 3- Copper Bird Feeder

Because These Last a Lifetime and Simply Rock!

Know someone who's serious into feeding the birds? Copper Bird Feeders are handcrafted in the USA, done in Vinyl/PVC and virtually impervious to the elements.You'll never see them warp, split or crack... it's guaranteed.

Post Mounted Copper Bird Feeder
Non-porous material actually makes them healthier for birds. Bacteria and mold can't settle into cracks and splits which eventually occur with wooden bird feeders. People may even like them better than the birds for the architectural aesthetic and quality.

Stunning in the garden, we've had folks actually ask how to keep the birds out the matching birdhouses. Much to our dismay, the answer is to plug the holes, or don't fill the feeder... but why?

Large Copper Bird FeederShould you have a serious bird enthusiast (who happens to be a seriously good friend) they'll flip over one of these bird feeders for Christmas!

The Double Window feeder with shiny copper roof is shown with a lamp post to complete the fine detail. All will fit a 4x4 wood post, but a vinyl post cover may be purchased locally for much less than online. This installation method offers a seamless appearance for a very minimal cost- try shipping a 6 ft. section of anything these days... it's absurd :(  Simply inquire in the fencing section of any large home improvement store and ask for a corner post for vinyl fencing.

The most popular style over the years has to be this gazebo style. All roofs lift off for easy filling, and you can take the garden hose right to them for quick cleaning of Copper Gazebo Bird Feederenvironmental grime or buildup.

Copper remains shiny for at least 4 to 5 years prior to weathering. Aged patina roofs remain indefinitely, really just a matter of preference as both are equally popular.

All in all, our copper bird feeders rock above all others, for their beauty, for their lasting quality... and for the birds!