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Vinyl Birdhouses & Bird Feeders for Earth Day!

April 15, 2018 2 min read

And everyday... let's save the trees for birds please!

Vinyl Birdhouses for Earth DayOne might tend to question vinyl when it comes to earth-friendly materials, but there's good logic here. The very same material used in housing construction has become wildly popular with backyard birding accessories too.

Because vinyl (or PVC) is an inert material, it's insect resistant and won't break-down or degrade over time. That doesn't really sound ideal in terms of landfills and waste... but a vinyl birdhouse won't end up in a landfill because it never needs to be replaced! That's the real beauty, they don't warp or rot, fade or mildew like wood.
Copper-Vinyl Gazebo Bird FeederBirdhouses and bird feeders in all styles are now manufactured (in the USA) of recycled plastics - also known as poly-lumber, and/or vinyl.

There's a myriad of options from classic and whimsical to funky and unique birdhouses. Feeders are offered in traditional gazebos, large capacity hoppers, post-mount or hanging styles, and even species-specific designs for offering meal worms, fruit, suet and more.

Art Vinyl Birdhouses add splendid color to the garden with a functional focal point. Complete on a matching tall post, these bird houses are simple to install, no digging or tools required. With very bird-friendly features, they promise to host many successful broods over the years! And when you can’t decide which design… one of each is always a great option :)
Art Vinyl Birdhouses
Wood will always be good…
Wooden birdhouses have taken a turn towards recycling too. Salvage wood and metal from old barns, chicken houses and other structures is extremely popular for both home and garden decor! Materials which used to be free if you offered to haul them away for someone… now cost big bucks due to demand.

Whatever material suits your fancy... birdhouses and bird feeders will always be gifts with purpose for any occasion. Wild birds give cause to celebrate nature, life and renewal, and they offer comfort or solace in times of grief.

Please help house the birds :)