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Innovative Bird Feeder Really Keeps Seed Dry!

April 15, 2019 2 min read

Bird Feeder Keeps Seed Dry

Those April Showers... Can Make a Mess of Bird Feeders.

Bird Feeder keeps Seed Dry

It's neither tube nor platform, not quite a hopper either, though the All-Weather Feeder melds the best variations of each style to guarantee dry seed in the worst conditions.

Backyard birds don't know from  “thinking outside the box”, but they must have some clue because instead of eating downward in natural fashion, they adapt to eat upwards with this feeder. Say what? That’s what we thought too… until we saw it in action!

The All-Weather Feeders (in 4- or 6-quart capacity) are an innovation in wild bird feeding. These almost hopper bird feeders keep seed dry in the most horrid conditions regardless of season. They dispense seed as needed – for that particular bird at the time they feed. Ten seed ports are nestled on the underside of the big hopper where they're protected from the elements… even if it's raining sideways!

Birds use the large tray to land and perch comfortably while feeding from above. 360 degree feeder offers full view of all feeding birds. The tray is very useful for acclimating or training birds while the feeder is still new to them. Additional treats (like shelled peanuts or suet nuggets) may also be used on the tray itself to further entice feathered friends.

The All-Weather Feeder may be hung or pole-mounted with an optional pole attachment. Black oil sunflower or a safflower/sunflower mix is recommended as seed ports don't accommodate the larger striped sunflower seeds.

Constructed of sturdy poly-carbonate which won’t yellow over time, the feeder also comes with a 10-year warranty against breakage (normal wear & tear).

Forget the nasty hassle of digging out wet seed from feeders after rain and snow- this is when birds depend most on a consistent food source. All-Weather and truly weather-proof feeder keeps seed dry and 100% available, no matter Mother nature's mood. A fab idea in wild bird feeding, it just goes to show that some hopper bird feeders are better than others!