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Why You're Seeing Less Traffic at Bird Feeders

Traffic Sparse at Your Bird Feeders?

With two sides to the question of disappearing feeder birds, let's focus on the bigger picture
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Why Birds Are Not Using Your New Bird Bath

Why Birds Aren't Using Your New Bird Bath

Brand new bird bath but the birds aren't using it? Here's a few reason that might be...
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Happy Halloween- A Birdhouse Massacre that Almost Was

It's that scary time of year with ghosts, goblins... and house sparrows!

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Birdie Turf Wars and Fosters... Don't Try This at Home!

It's not easy being a bird because real estate is tough out there!
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Cowbird in Carolina Wren's nest

Wicked April Fool's by Mother Nature- The Cowbird's Antics

Nope, it's not the weather this time... it's birds laying eggs that fool mom.
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Hey Bright Eyes ~ Resolve for the New Year

Warm, wet, steamy days (that sounds like the prelude to a racy novel) followed by a sudden cold snap will have birds flocking to your feeders!
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Sick House Finch will spread disease at bird feeder

The Importance of Clean Bird Feeding

Like clockwork for some backyard bird freaks, filling feeders can easily become habitual.
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